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Designed for residential and commercial applications, it can easily fit into any space, regardless of shape or size. High-quality construction of the synthetic turf fiber is backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s limited warranty, ensuring years of continuous use.


With Mirage Waterless Grass, you can have a beautiful lawn all year long that is virtually maintenance-free. Can you imagine looking out over a professionally manicured green lawn every day that doesn’t require any mowing, watering or chemicals, regardless of the weather?


We distribute and market our branded Mirage Waterless Grass lawn products through our independent authorized Waterless Grass dealers. We are a global company, and our turf is manufactured in North America and Asia.

Our Mirage Waterless Grass lawns have been installed in thousands of residential and commercial locations worldwide, and we have experienced exponential growth during the past few years. Likewise, the growth in the synthetic putting greens market has explodedd, which has contributed to our lawn grass products being installed in hospitality greens throughout the world, international hotels and resorts, cruise ships, Harvard university, MIT University, Pulte Homes (one of the largest home builders in America), and Toll Brother (another leading national home builder), just to name a few.

Our Waterless Grass products have been featured on serveral national television shows, including a special segment of HGTV. USA Manufacturing Process Mirage Waterless Grass USA turf is exclusively manufactured for quality and durability in Dalton, Georgia, using a unique and proprietary 7-step process.

7 Step

Resin pellets melted. The pellets are then “extruded” into fiber monofilaments while UV and color concentrates are added.

The monofilament is then put through a speciall “heat-texturizing” process that curls the fiber in a spring-set fiber. The finished spring-set fibers are then tufted (sewn) into a primary double stable-loc backing. Once the selected backing melted to the turf, it is “tip sheered” to give the top fibers a smooth, uniform composite. When complete, the turf is sent to our Waterless Grass Warehouse where it is cut to size and shipped out.


An assortment of blended blade sizes and multi-colored fiber designs are use to give Mirage Waterless Grass a more realistic appearance. Our special Mira-set, heat set, UV-protected fibers help resist matting, over time. Our special backing and installation method provides a natural grass feeling.

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