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Where can Mirage Waterless Grass™ be installed?
Virtually anywhere, including any areas where natural grass can’t grow (e.g., desert areas and extreme cold climates). All you need is a fairly level surface with a porous base that allows rainwater to seep into the ground through perforated holes in the backing of the lawn grass. The turf comes in 12- and 15-foot widths that can easily be cut to fit any size or shape.

Can you sculpt Mirage Waterless Grass™ turf around walkways, pools, plants or trees?
Yes. You can install our turf around all types of obstacles, just like real sod grass. As a matter of fact, in most cases, our grass is easier to install than sod because it comes in wider widths and longer lengths.

What holds the turf down and in place?
The turf’s own weight (approximately 1-2 pound per square foot) will usually be enough to weight down the turf, but some infill is required to help the fibers stand up naturally and prevent “matting.” Additionally, this infill will assist in weighing down the turf so it doesn’t wrinkle, shift or move. A combination of sand and rubber infill seems to be the most popular. Many people prefer the “soft” feel of rubber granule infill where use is greatest and use sand infill (it’s less expensive) for areas of the lawn that see less traffic.

How does the cost of Mirage Waterless Grass™ turf compare to installing a natural real grass lawn?
When you compare the costs and tasks required for a natural real grass lawn care, such as watering, mowing, weeding, edging, fertilizing, and spraying of toxic pesticides, it’s only a matter of time before a Mirage Waterless Grass™ lawn actually pays for itself.

Can I walk on the Mirage Waterless Grass™ turf?
Yes. However, as with a real grass lawn, safety when children are playing should be a primary concern. Although Mirage Waterless Grass™ turf may feel and seem softer than real grass, we are not marketing this product for safety issues. Instead, we believe our turf should be enjoyed for its beauty and maintenance savings when compared to real grass. Our turf is not designed as a regulated, specified “fall zone” product.

Is our turf “pet friendly”?
Certain select models are considered pet friendly, due to the fact that we use poly fibers instead of nylon fibers. Nylon fibers are porous, plus they can retain pet urine. Our poly fibers are waterproof.

How is Mirage Waterless Grass™ turf different from other synthetic turf?
Our turf fibers are UV-protected and have been manufactured to resemble real grass. There has been extensive research and development to get these advanced fibers to the point they are today. Please refer to the Product Information section for addition details.

Is the Mirage Waterless Grass™ turf the same style synthetic turf that you see installed on patios as indoor/outdoor carpet?
No, absolutely not. Indoor/outdoor turf is usually installed as a glue-down on a cement pad and the fibers are short and not very dense. This style of turf grass does not look realistic, and it does not last long in hostile climates. Our product looks like real grass!

How long will Mirage Waterless Grass™ turf last in outdoor environments and does it fade?
Mirage Waterless Grass™ turf carries a 5-year limited warranty against excessive wear, fading and sun. This warranty will be extended to 8 years on select models. (Consult your local Authorized Dealer for further details.) With basic care and the application of our special UV enhancement treatment, your Mirage Waterless Grass™ turf can last many years past the manufacturer’s warranty. A copy of our manufacturer’s turf warranty should be issued by an Authorized Dealer with every purchase, along with the local Dealer’s installation warranty.

Is the Mirage Waterless Grass™ turf maintenance-free?
With Mirage Waterless Grass™, it’s relatively easy to keep your turf looking beautiful all year long. Our turf is hassle-free and as maintenance-free as it gets. Once installed, just keep leaves and debris off the surface. If you see any weeds, just spray or pull them as you would with your real grass lawn.

How do I keep my Mirage Waterless Grass™ turf clean, especially when I have pets?
Mirage Waterless Grass™ is even easier to keep clean than real grass. Use a rake or blower to clean up leaves. To remove animal feces, scoop it up and wash the area with a garden hose, just like you would real grass. Urine flows through just like rainwater, but please keep in mind, in dry, arid areas, a periodic rinse down with a garden hose is recommended.

What happens when it rains or snows?
During the manufacturing process, our turf is specifically perforated with holes engineered to accommodate the normal drainage requirements of rain and snowstorms. The water simply drains through the small drainage holes into the ground. The sand and rubber infill help absorb and hold the water which will eventually drain through. During heavy rains, some water will run off the top of the surface just as it would with natural grass or dirt. This is actually a big advantage over rock, since the infill allows for evaporation and the perforated holes encourage vertical drainage. Please keep in mind that acid rain or white calcium deposits from extensive watering due to improper irrigation watering can lead to calcium deposits on your turf fiber. Please consult your local dealer for remedies, should this occur.

Is Mirage Waterless Grass™ subject to mold and is it flammable?
Natural grass will support the growth of mold more than synthetic grass. With proper drainage, standing/pooling water is eliminated and thus the mold issue in synthetic grass shouldn’t be an issue in most cases. As for flammability, the turf is much less flammable than live natural grass (and many times less flammable than dead natural grass). The sand and rubber infill also helps prevent a fire from spreading and can often extinguish flames.

Will bugs be attracted to the synthetic turf?
No. Mirage Waterless Grass™ turf doesn’t offer any nutrients for bugs to feed on. As a result, they will likely move to a yard with real grass. In addition, bugs have a difficult time coming through the perforated rubber backing.

Why should I install a Mirage Waterless Grass™ lawn?
Real grass lawns are not only expensive, but they require irrigation and weekly maintenance, such as mowing, watering, fertilizing, thatching, wedding, edging, toxic chemical pesticides and winter over-seeding. Mirage Waterless Grass™ lawns save you these expenses and hassles, and will actually help increase property value. As well, our turf helps preserve natural resources, cuts down on yard waste in landfills and helps reduce pollution from lawn mowers.